I created this timer in 2005 (using Macromedia Director) for use in my own games due to frustration with the existing poker timers out there. The more it has been used, the more features my friends have asked to be added with each update.

It is designed for use in Texas Hold 'Em tournament games, but should work for most tournament poker variants. It was never meant as a commercial project, but I thought I would share it with other players out there.

If you have suggestions for improvement or new features, questions, feedback, abuse etc. please contact me at:

Version History

3.0 (July 2010)
• Introduction of Travis Poker Director
• Overhaul of interface - font and layout changes for better asthetics
• Timer connects to online database to store game statistics
• Seating manager allows you to organize multi-table tournament seating arrangements
• Browser-based admin area for organizing tournaments
• Online league table
• Timer displays value of different coloured chips
• Timer displays rank order of poker hands

2.8 (July 2010)
• Fixed Shockwave error that occured when users upgraded Shockwave plugin

2.6 (December 2007)
• Customize your currency to Sterling, Dollars or Euros.
• Fixed the "Index out of range" bug when deleting Blinds.

2.5 (March 2007)
Made some tweaks based on feedback. These included:
• Complete overhaul of prize payout readouts.
• Added a clock on the main timer to show real time.
• Added a quit button.

2.0.1 (November 2006)
Made some tweaks based on feedback. These included:
• End rounds early without returning to menu.
• Reinstated ability to time rounds in seconds.

2.0 (September 2006)
This version was only made available to previously registered users, in order to gain their feedback before public release.
• Major overhaul of menu interface.
• Save your blind / ante / time structures - no need to re-enter them every time
• Change lengths of individual rounds and add timed breaks.
• Display antes.
• Mac users can import custom backgrounds / sounds.
• Display prize payout structures.
• Customise your font / background colors.
• Most input values now get saved for future uses.

1.7 (August 2006)
• Updates now only available to registered users.
• Added ability to browse for custom sounds.
• Mac version now supported custom sounds / backgrounds.
• Ability to save blind structures added.
• Full screen mode added.

1.6 (April 2006)
First released publicly for download as shareware.
• Mac version created.
• Asthetic changes to fonts, colour scheme and interface layout.

1.2 (August 2005)
• Added display showing total chips on table.
• Added cap to prevent buy-ins after fixed number of rounds.

1.1 (June 2005)
• Added ability for players to rebuy into game.

1.0 (April 2005):
• First version of timer premiered for private use in my home games.



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--Adam Chappell

"I just want to thank you for putting out a GREAT product! I've been hosting/directing tournaments for 10 years and this is the BEST looking software out there. I love the fact that the website functions along with the software. Keep up the good work!!!"
--Marc Reposa

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