Main Menu

When you first open the timer you are presented with the main menu, where most of your settings can be entered. Add data such as buy-in amount, chip stack and the number of players in the top left panel and other data such as prize pool will be automatically calculated. The left centre panel calculates the prize payouts for the winning positions. You can calculate this either by percentage or fixed cash amounts. Once these values are set, if you add more players / rebuys / add-ons then the prize pool will automatically update. The lower left panel is for customizing the look of the timer screen. You can alter the colour of fonts and add your own background. To add a custom background, click "browse" and locate an image - it should ideally be 1024x768 pixels, RGB colour and in .jpg format (other formats are supported). To have a custom sound play at the end of each round, click "browse" and locate a FOLDER. NOTE: when the round ends it will look in this folder for any sound files (.mp3, .wav, .aif etc.) and play a random one.

The right hand panel is for inputting your blind values. There are 6 preset blind structures, but you can edit these and save copies (registered version only). To add a timed break, simply click the checkbox next to a round.

Director Menu

If you have registered the timer, you should now click the "Director Menu" tab to open the second menu. You will need to enter the login details for your league (these are emailed to you when you register).
Once logged in you can start to enter the names of your players. Click the name to bring up a drop-down list of all of their names - you can up to 100 players per game. If you need to add a new player, scroll to the bottom of the drop-down and select "[Add new player]". To remove a player from the list, scroll to the bottom and select "[Remove player]". NOTE: You can jump to a players name by typing it when the drop-down menu is open. You can jump to the "[Remove player]" option by pressing the delete key when the menu is open.
You can add tables with the buttons at the bottom, and shuffle players between tables using the "Randomize seating" button. If you need move player positions, use the up and down arrow buttons that appear when you roll over their name.
Enter the name and venue of the game and you are done.

Timer Screen

Next, click the "Poker timer" tab to get to the main timer screen. When you are ready to start the game, click the "Go" button in the centre of the clock (You can also use the SPACE bar to start / pause the clock). NOTE: Once the game is under way you cannot return to any of the previous menus - make sure all of your settings are correct before starting.
You can skip forward / back a round by clicking the〈 and 〉buttons either side of the "Go" button. You can also use the ring around the clock to jump to any point in time for the round - just click on the ring to skip to that time.
If did not enter any names for players in the Director Menu, the timer screen will have a difference appearance. The bottom centre panel will display a list of hand values, and you will control eliminating players and recording re-buys / add-ons using the buttons on the lower left hand panel.
If you did enter names, the centre panel will appear as the image above. You eliminate players by clicking the "X" button next to their name. If the players re-buys or purchases an add-on, enter the value in cash / chips in the left hand panel and then click the "R" or "A" button next to their name. The prize pool and chip averages will be automatically updated. If you need to edit the prize-pool amounts, click on the numbers to make them editable.

Final stats

Once you have eliminated all players, the game will finish and you will be taken to the "Final stats" screen (registered version only). The timer will have already calculated who finished in which position, the amount of profit they made (based on their buy-in / add-ons versus prize money) and the points they are awarded. You can edit these values if needed. When you are happy with all the final information, click the "Upload final stats" button and the data will be added to your online league table.

Travis Poker Director

Travis Poker Director is the online part of your registered poker timer. It consists of your public league table (pictured left) and an admin area (see below). Use the league table to keep all your players informed of their performance. You can see how they rank against each other based on all games, detailed breakdowns of each game they have played, and profiles for each player.
Your admin area allows you to edit the fine details of your league table settings. You can add photos and detailed profils for each player.



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