#1) Whats the difference between Travis Poker Director and Travis Poker Timer? Where do I download the different versions?

The Travis Poker Timer application can be downloaded here - Travis Poker Director uses the same application file, but has more features available when unlocked. As well as the application to run on your home computer, Travis Poker Director utilizes an online database to store your game results so that you have a league table always available on the internet. When you sign up you will also be given access to an internet-based admin area so that you can update your league statistics online, as well as from directly within the Timer application.

#2) What are the minimum system requirments?

Travis Poker Timer will run on Windows (XP or above) and Mac OSX. It requires around 10MB of hard-disk space and your monitor must be set to at least 1024x768 resolution. The online side of Travis Poker Director will run in all major internet browsers.

#3) It says that Travis Poker Director is based on freely available software - how come I have to pay extra for it?

The online admin part of Travis Poker Director is based on PokerMax Poker League Software by Steve Dawson, but I have had to heavily modify it in order for it to integrate with the timer application. When you pay the extra fee for Travis Poker Director, you are paying for the huge amount of extra work that it took to make, but also renting database space on my server so that you can access your poker league statistics from anywhere in the world.

#4) I bought the timer before for my home computer - can I get another unlock code for my laptop / work computer / friends computer?

No. I undestand that sometimes computers die and I will help you reinstall the timer, but I can't go giving out multiple unlock code just beacuse you registered once and want to run it on another computer. The ID code generated by the timer is based on the hardware of your computer, so your registration should still be valid even if you wipe the drives and reinstall the operating system. I try to keep the price of the timer low enough to allow you to buy multiple versions if you have multiple computers.

#5) OK - but I play with the same poker league at a number of different venues, how can I use the Poker Director at every one of them?

Each time you register Travis Poker Director, you get an unlocked version of the sofware as well as a league table automatically created. You dont have to use this new league table - you can log in to a single league table from as many different computers as you want. But in order to do so, the timer software must be fully unlocked. Alternatively, you can just run the basic version of the timer sofware, and use the browser-based admin area to update the league tables.

#6) I registered the timer but have decided it's not for me - can I get a refund?

Unfortunately once the unlock code has been issued for your copy of the timer there is no way to withdraw it, so I cannot offer refunds. You can try out all the registered features in demo mode for as long as you like before committing to buy - I encourage users to do so to make sure the software does everything they need before they register.

#7) Im getting errors with the application - how can I troubleshoot?

Most problems can be solved by resetting the preferences. Start the timer application holding down the control key - a message will pop up asking if you want to reset prefs - click "Yes". If this doesn't solve it then try starting the application with both shift and control keys down. This will wipe all saved data including your unlock code (but you can re-enter the same unlock code that was emailed to you and it will work). If that doesn't solve it then please email me and explain the problem with as much information as possible.

#8) There is a feature that the timer is missing that I'd really like to see - what can I do?

Please email me with any feature requests - I keep an ongoing list and if something is asked for numerous times I'll build it into the next version.

#9) What is the process of registering?

I've received confused emails about this, so will break it down here step by step.
When you start the unregistered version of the timer, you are forced to wait at a "nag" screen for 10 seconds. On the right hand side of this screen are your ID code (which is unique to the computer you are running the timer on) and a couple of buttons that say "Buy Now".

Click the button and you will be taken to a web page here.

The benefit of clicking the button from within the timer application is that your ID code will already be filled out on the web page. You must have your ID code filled out for the registration to work.

Click the "Buy Now" button on the web form and you will taken to a PayPal login page.

Note that whatever the email address you log in to PayPal with - this is where your unlock code will be emailed to. Within a few minutes you will be sent an automatically generated email that looks like the one below:

Copy the unlock code (highlighted) and return to the timer nag screen. Click the "ENTER UNLOCK CODE" button on the right hand side of the screen. A dialogue box will pop up where you can paste the unlock code. Click "OK" and the timer will be unlocked.

#10) I have a more general question about poker playing / running a home tournament...

Try www.homepokertourney.com/ for a wealth of general information.



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