Poker League Results Tournament Table 27 November 2021


 FREEROLL Friday  

( 1 October 2021 to 30 October 2021 )

Date of Game: 22 October 2021
Game Venue: TPT Members Club
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Tournament Summary:
FRIDAY, OCTOBER 22nd!! Want to be part of Bar Poker Open? Come out and join us for our FREEROLL! Next event will be in June at the Golden Nugget BAR POKER OPEN SATELLITE EVENT!!! Come out and join us for FREEROLL FRIDAY Sign up starts at 7.30, cards fly at 8pm! Let’s go TPT RSVP to reserve your seat

1Bob Bostic4500.00 0
2Bryan 'Whyte Chocolate' Thym3000.00 0
3Yemaya Webb1500.00 0
0Jessica Garcia0.00 0

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