Poker League Results Tournament Table 21 March 2018

( 5 March 2018 to 4 March 3000 )


 Cracked AA's  

Date of Game: 12 March 2018
Game Venue: Tilted Kilt
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Tournament Summary:
FREE POKER happens at Tilted Kilt! Get your AA, KK, QQ OR JJ cracked in the 1st hour and get extra chips or even another chance in the game. Sign up starts at 6.30, early cut off is at 7pm, must be present before 7.15 for bonus chips, cards fly at 7.30. Don't forget to follow us on Facebook and RSVP, like and share for extra chips. TD for this game is

Paula Bluster1 3000.00 0
Bryan 'Slyfish671' Rojas2 1600.00 0
Mike 'DJ Mikey Mic' Navarro0 0.00 0

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