Poker League Results Tournament Table 07 December 2021


 Farewell party for the Laubs  

( 1 November 2021 to 30 November 2021 )

Date of Game: 8 October 2021
Game Venue: TPT Members Club
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Tournament Summary:
FRIDAY, OCTOBER 8th!! Farewell party for Eric and Samantha Laub Come out and join us for FREEROLL FRIDAY Sign up starts at 7.30, cards fly at 8pm! Bring food or pay 10 and eat all night till it’s gone. Let’s give them a night to remember Let’s go TPT RSVP to reserve your seat

1Steve Biery4500.00 0
2Bob Bostic3000.00 0
3Christina Wilkins1500.00 0
0Angela 'Catwoman' Wright0.00 0

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