Poker League Results Tournament Table 27 November 2021


 Ace of Spades  

( 1 October 2021 to 30 October 2021 )

Date of Game: 5 October 2021
Game Venue: DeJa Vu
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Tournament Summary:
TUESDAY NIGHT POKER HAPPENS AT DEJA VU GAME “11 OF THE IN-HOUSE TOURNAMENT Top 3 qualify for the next finals in October AND THE NEXT 2K GUARANTEED!!! (Rules apply) Come out and join the Texas Poker Tour for the best social game in town Qualify for the in-house tournament, just sign up and play. Ace of Spades jackpot is at $150 The winner of the game will get a chance to draw a card out of a deck, if it’s the Ace of Spades you hit the jackpot

1Steve Biery1500.00 0
2Samantha 'Mama' Laub1000.00 0
3Dan 'Danny' Graham Jr500.00 0

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