Poker League Results Tournament Table 19 January 2021


 Inhouse tourney qualifier  

( 1 January 2021 to 31 January 2021 )

Date of Game: 3 January 2021
Game Venue: DeJa Vu
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Tournament Summary:
SUNDAY FREE POKER FUN DAY happens at Deja vu 7.30/8 Come out and join the Texas Poker Tour for a great social game of Texas Hold’em Just sign up and play The top 3 get points for the next finals in February NÉW IN-HOUSE TOURNEY The in-house tournament will have a payout of $500, come out and get your points! The winner gets a chance to draw for the Ace of Spades. The jackpot is at $350 Get your points for the in-house tourney

Mike 'DJ Mikey Mic' Navarro1 1500.00 0
Steven Saulsberry2 1000.00 0
Steve Pomerenke3 500.00 0

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