Poker League Results Tournament Table 26 June 2022


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Colt Luka

  United States

PlayedW2nd3rd4thPointsAverageProfitLast PlayedLast Scored
7 0 0 0 0 735.00 105.00 4 12/06/2022 12/06/2022

The Rellik CL - The Rellik (12 June 2022)

Johnathan Ravelaz

Tyler Mortensen

Steve 'Caveman' VanCitters

Colt Luka

CJS Saloon RS - CJ'S Saloon (11 June 2022)

Deb Sampaio

Toni Taylor

Celina Sarrabo

Colt Luka

Vinnies CL - Vinnie's Bar and Grill (11 June 2022)

Robbin Sowell

Lisa Knight

Dustin Ogle

Colt Luka

Vinnies CL - Vinnie's Bar and Grill (28 May 2022)

Curtis '2s Wild' Runnion

Elliott Neal

Robbin Sowell

Colt Luka

the Rellik Jim - The Rellik (22 May 2022)

Andrea 'Dre' Taylor

Bobby Holsworth

Ron Whitney

Colt Luka

Vinnie Jim - Vinnie's Bar and Grill (21 May 2022)

Chris 'CK' Kendall

Adalberto 'Beto' Nava

Brian Wright

Colt Luka

The Office mw - The Office (15 May 2022)

Lynn Robinson

Tamura Wallace

Brian Wright

Colt Luka

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