If you are running a professional-scale tournament then why not consider a custom version of Travis Poker Timer?

The software can be completely customised to your needs, with many extra features available beyond the standard version.
  • Dual screen control. Keep the timer menu on a second screen so that players only ever see the clock
  • Display carousels of sponsor logos
  • Live tickertape messages. Keep players informed of events of the evening
  • Photo slideshows. Upload pictures of the event as its happening!
  • Fully customizable colours / fonts / backgrounds to match your branding
  • ...add you request here! If you have a specific need then just ask!

"We implemented Travis's custom made timer at our charity poker events starting in early 2013, and have nothing but amazing things to say about the software. Travis is great to work with and the software has added an exciting element to our poker tournaments. The professional look of the poker timer coupled with the fact that it is extremely easy to use makes this a product I would recommend to anyone."
-Chas Cohn

If you are interested in a custom build them email
to discuss your needs and get a quote.



"I think this software is great and I love the pricing. Thank you for sharing this."
--Adam Chappell

"I just want to thank you for putting out a GREAT product! I've been hosting/directing tournaments for 10 years and this is the BEST looking software out there. I love the fact that the website functions along with the software. Keep up the good work!!!"
--Marc Reposa

"Keep up the great work with the Poker Timer - simply the best poker software I have used for our tournaments"
--P Borthwick

"Thanks for making a great poker timer"
--Jeremy S

"I bought your software about 5 months ago and can't say enough good things about it"
--Luke Gordon

"Awesome product!"
--Simon S

"The layout looks great and the online access to manage tournaments is very nice."
--Chris Fontanilla

"Thanks again for designing such a great piece of software."
--Stephen J. Morrison